Hello I'm

Umar Hussain

Data Analyst

Currently Learning:
Linear Algebra, Spark, Python, basic ML


About Me

Hello, I’m Umar, A highly motivated and passionate data analyst based in Birmingham, I specialise in creating dynamic analytic ecosystems to boost the speed of data-gathering through automation, whilst ensuring accuracy. Strong analytic and visualisation skills using Python, Pandas,BI and SQL.

  • Python
  • Power-BI
  • SQL
  • html
  • pandas
  • Excel
  • Databases
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What I do

Data Visualisation

Story telling is an essential component of data, getting business leaders and decision makers excited about data is a key strength. Power-BI is my current tool of use.


By shifting my analytic skillset from excel into Python has enabled me to create repeatble and reuseable code for analysis. In my current role I have saved over 500 hours of manual reporting by using Python and turned weekly reports into 5 minute processes.

Web Development

Serving beautiful and responsive data to end users is an essential part of any analysts tool-kit. I create front-end dashboards to allow users to self-serve data. Moving away from the tradtional excel based dashboard.

Technical Skills

Python for Data Analysis

Professional Skills

  • Creativity
  • Team Work
  • Project Management
  • Communication


Data Analyst Nano Degree: Udacity

2018 - Online

Data Analyst Degree: Inferential and Descriptive Statistics, R, Python, Advance SQL, Data Cleaning, Data Analysis, Google Analytics.

Arabic & Middle Eastern Studies 2:1: University of Leeds

2011-2015 - Leeds, United Kingdom.

Degree included a year abroad in Cairo Egypt studying Arabic. modules in translation, grammar, politics, history and culture.

Post Graduate Arabic Diploma Qasid Institute of Language:

2017-2018 - Amman, Jordan.

Advanced studies in Arabic Media and Issues in the Middle Eastern region. Discourse and textual analysis of classical and modern texts.

Work Experience

Retail Deployment Analyst: Halfords

2018 - Current
Deployment Analyst for Halfords Retail. Responsible for all deployment across Halfords retail. Database warehousing using MS SQL, SSIS, Pyodbc and SQLAlchemy. Introducing and applying PowerBI with Office 365 rollout. Create and maintain intranet pages in html with dynamic pages using asp and django. Manage and maintain a complex labour model to calculate a £120m deployment budget across the retail business. Strong data automation and analysis using Python and Pandas.

Data Manager: Cambridge Assesment

Jan 2018 - Aug-2018
Data Manager for OCR at Cambridge Assessment, responsible for storage, usage and analysis of data to create insightful reports for businesses decisions and tasks. Manipulation of data using VBA, Excel, SQL and Python using the Pandas library. Use of Python to write scripts to automate tasks for efficiency and use of natural language tools for sentiment analysis. Owner and producer of PowerBI reports for the Sales and Marketing team at OCR. Key tasks include working and managing customer databases in SQL Server; prior and post GDPR and including complex market automation workflows using the companies CRM tool Hubspot. Proposed and led change within the Sales and Marketing team to use Google Suite for Business, this included managing sales data using Google Queries, Javascript and Excel like functions; making colabaration across different teams seamless and highly automated. Create & deploy APIs in Flask/Python for data gathering.

Client Reviews

Never have I met an individual who's desire to find a workable solution is so strong. Umar excels in his ability to understand the need, identify and organise the data (which in itself is a great skill), and if he does not know he will self learn what he needs to know in order to complete the job in the most effective and robust way so that the solution can be executed many times. Umar has changed the way we work, he has opened our teams eyes to different ways to build the data, organise the data and analyse the data. He has led to a change in working practices for an entire team and built a foundation for reporting that will continue for the foreseeable future. And he was only with us for 6 months. Every company needs an Umar.

Toby McKechnie

Head of Insight,Oxford Cambridge Review, Cambridge Assesment
It was a pleasure of working with Umar for an year and so. During this time, we worked together on multiple projects related to comms of Jaguar & Land Rover products. Umar is a person with a strong sense of ownership and his response time is phenomenal. He is always on top of all the ongoing projects. He is highly motivated & energetic. He is an asset to any organisation that he’s with.

Abhishek Gangil

Senior Manager, Product and Marketing at Jaguar Land Rover India